Benefits of Tvet College

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Benefits of Tvet College

Benefits of Tvet College

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges provide a wide range of benefits for people and societies. TVET institutions enable people to find fulfilling employment by offering relevant skills, a variety of career options, and affordable education. Additionally, their involvement in solving skill gaps and promoting entrepreneurship makes a substantial contribution to economic expansion.

For persons looking to advance their careers and personal lives, as well as for communities hoping for a bright future, embracing TVET education is a wise decision.

TVET is part of the education system that provides courses and training programs related to employment with a view to enabling the transition from Secondary Education to work for young trainees/students (social objective) and supplying the labor market with competent apprentices (economic objective).

“Technical Vocational Education and Training, allows students to gain practical experience in their chosen career path before they even graduate.” Students who finish those rigorous programs have the credentials and training they need to get started right away in their chosen career path. Benefits of Tvet College

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What are the benefits of studying at TVET colleges? Benefits of Tvet College

  • TVET colleges develop practical and other skills for a wide variety of jobs. The colleges maintain close links with key role players in industry and commerce to ensure that their courses are responsive to labor market needs.
  • The entrepreneurship skills acquired at TVET colleges can be used to start businesses, e.g. in catering, building construction, Information Technology, tourism, or hairdressing.
  • TVET colleges are accessible to all young people, especially to youth from previously disadvantaged communities who live in poor rural areas.
  • TVET colleges are rooted in their communities and provide education and training to members of their own and nearby communities.
  • The colleges develop the skills that are needed in local businesses and in government departments. People with a college qualification generally earn about 60% more than those with only a matric.
  • Studies conducted in South Africa found that individuals who have completed some level of further study after leaving school are between two and three times more likely to be employed. This means that having a TVET qualification can nearly double your chances of finding employment compared to a matric certificate.
  • Public TVET colleges try to arrange for students to gain practical work experience with employers in their fields of study.
  • The fees for studying at TVET colleges are low compared to fees for other post-school education.
  • The government provides funding to cover part or all of the study fees of learners who cannot afford to pay for further education.
  • Courses offered at public TVET colleges are externally and independently quality-assured, and in addition, a number of public TVET colleges are also SABS ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • In an increasingly globalized labor market, a number of public TVET colleges have international partnerships with similar institutions in various parts of the world. This ensures that education and training are internationally benchmarked against best practices in diverse international settings.

What is the objective of TVET education?

It supports employment, respectable work, and lifelong learning and empowers people, organizations, businesses, and communities, fostering inclusive and sustainable economic growth and competitiveness, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

Is attending a TVET College a good idea?

For certain positions in their business, the majority of companies have requirements. Attending TVET Colleges will give one the chance to keep one’s abilities up to date while learning something new because many industrial practices are still evolving.

Why is attending a TVET college a possibility?

The cost of TVET institutions is typically lower than that of other higher institutions. Additionally, TVET colleges are an alternative that is more open and accessible to everyone because their admittance standards are less stringent than those of universities. Additionally, the government and organizations finance a lot of TVET programs.

Admission Requirements of Tvet College

TVET colleges cater to a wide variety of people who want to study career-focused vocational programs. The only age restriction is that the person should be 16 years or older. TVET colleges are open to the following people:

  • Students who have completed Grade 12;
  • Persons who left school before completing Grade 12 and those who failed matric could, for example, complete a National Certificate (Vocational) on Level 4, which is equivalent to Grade 12; and
  • Adults who wish to enroll for formal study in study fields offered by TVET colleges.

Students can also follow these Admission Requirements

All qualified applicants wanting to study at the College must make sure they have the following available before attempting to apply:

  • A unique/valid Email address and cellphone number
  • 3 certified copies of the ID of the Parent/Legal Guardian
  • 3 certified copies of the ID of the Learner
  • South African applicants will need an ID number.
  • Foreign applicants will need their certified copies of passport numbers.
  • Copy of your school qualifications (eg Senior Certificate)
  • A certified copy of your latest results/Grade 9 or Higher;
  • Proof of Residence.
  • SAQA-approved foreign qualifications
  • Proof of medical insurance or cover
  • Valid study permit

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