Boilermaker Course In Tvet College

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Boilermaker Course In Tvet College

Boilermaker Course In Tvet College

Are you enthralled by the metal production and work? A TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) college’s Boilermaker program may be the ideal route to a rewarding career if you have a flair for building precise structures out of steel and other metals. We’ll go through what a Boilermaker course comprises and why enrolling in one at a TVET institution is a wise decision in this essay.

Reading blueprints, cutting, shaping, and welding metal components, as well as making sure the finished product complies with safety and quality standards, are all tasks performed by skilled artisans known as boilermakers, who specialize in fabricating and assembling metal structures, particularly boilers, tanks, and pressure vessels.

The courses offered at TVET colleges have both theoretical and practical components. The theoretical part gives you the knowledge you need to own your chosen career. The practical component of the course helps you by instilling this knowledge by allowing you to learn and teach you how it is applied to the practical part of your work. Tvet College Course


Boilermakers are specialized artisans who mark off and fabricate structural steel and other metal stock to make or repair metal products and structures including boilers and pressure vessels. Most Boilermakers work in workshops that are often noisy, however, the correct safety equipment is provided to manage the environment. The work requires constant physical activity.

Course Code Description Duration
Hand Tools (PW1) AL018 Identification and use of hand, measuring, and marking off tools. 15 Days
Power Tools (PW 2) AL019 Identification and use of power tools. 15 Days
Basic Welding (SW1) AP004 Introduction to oxy-fuel manual cutting. Basic manual metal arc welding process. Oxyacetylene gas welding and brazing. 15 Days
Semi-Advanced Techniques in Welding, Brazing & Cutting (SW2) AP007 Semi-advanced positional shielded metal arc welding, Profile cutting processes using Oxy- acetylene and plasma, Air-arc and Oxy-fuel gouging, Advanced training in Oxy-acetylene positional Welding, Brazing of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous metals. 30 Days
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SW3) AP010 Advanced full positional Shielded metal arc welding(smaw) with E6103 and E7108 electrodes, Positional pipe welding(1G, 2G, and 6G). 30 Days
Basic Rigging (BTW) AQ024 Recall and demonstrate overhead crane signals. Use of lifting equipment as prescribed. 5 Days
Boilermaking Machinery (KW2) AN008 Introduction to and use of Boilermaking Trade-related machinery to manufacture various projects. 15 Days
Oxy-Fuel Cutting (KW3) AN012 Care, Use, and storage of oxy-fuel manual and semi-automatic flame-cutting equipment. Oxy-fuel cutting of various thicknesses of plate, sections, and pipe. 15 Days
Development & Manufacture (KW4) AN016 Use of development methods to manufacture equal-diameter connections, transformers, and cones using trade-related machinery. 15 Days
Structural Steel (KW5) AN018 Orthographic projections, introduction to steel profile tables, and calculations based on structural steelwork. Design and construct various steel structures and connections according to engineering principles. 15 Days
Drawing & Development (KW6) AN016 Advanced development of pipes, cones, and various transition pieces using the three development methods in order to produce templates. 15 Days
Advanced Fabrication (KW7) AN034 Fabrication of pipe connections, cones, lobster backbends (using pre-fabricated pipes), square to the round transformer, and manufacture and installation of flanges. 15 Days
The total duration of Institutional Training: 40 weeks
Trade Finishing : AN027 Development and manufacture of various off-set transition pieces, off-set unequal square and round pipe intersections, pipe-to-cone intersections, and construction marking-off in preparation for the Merseta Trade Test. 6 weeks



  • Metal Workers / Platers Theory
  • Plating & Structural Steel Drawing
Engineering Science
  • Mathematics

Metal Workers / Platers Theory
Plating & Structural Steel Drawing
Engineering Science

Metal Workers / Platers Theory
Plating & Structural Steel Drawing
Engineering Science


Active Listening
Time Management
Excellent Equipment Selection
Equipment Maintenance
Quality Control Analysis
Mathematics knowledge
Critical Thinking


Cutting, shaping, assembling, and welding steel to construct and repair metal products.
Follow instructions and perform other duties as required.
Perform routine maintenance on tools and equipment.

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