Can I Teach Grade R With Educare Diploma?

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Can I Teach Grade R With Educare Diploma?

Can I Teach Grade R With Educare Diploma?


Naturally, one of the most rewarding careers to have is educating children. You are essential to their education. You have a responsibility to support them as they advance their professions. Ever wondered how you may fulfill your ambition and learn the skills necessary to work as a preschool teacher with an Educare qualification? Give yourself the means to finger-paint your way to achievement.

What is the significance of Grade R?

Grade R was created to help youngsters prepare for the start of elementary school in Grade 1. In the jargon of schooling, children formally become learners in Grade R. Grade R students go from primarily unstructured to structured learning, where they learn to sit quietly for the first time and participate in scheduled courses with a defined curriculum.


Qualifications To Become A Grade R Teacher

The following are the requirements for becoming a grade R teacher:

  1. 3-year Diploma in Grade R Teaching
  2. 4-year Bachelor of Education: Foundation Phase Teaching (B.Ed. Foundation Phase)
  3.  Bachelor’s degree other than a B.Ed. and a 1-year Post-graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) with a Foundation Phase teaching specialization.

Can I Teach Grade R With Educare Diploma?

What are the responsibilities of Grade R teachers?

According to the applicable Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) papers, Grade R teachers teach Grade R within a set curriculum. The Foundational Phase, in which learning content concentrates on three disciplines, namely Language, Mathematics, and Life Skills, encompasses Grade R.

Grade R to Grade 3 are covered by the Foundation Phase Language and Life Skills CAPS papers, whereas Grade R Mathematics is covered by a separate CAPS document. Grade R instructors do not explicitly teach language, mathematics, or life skills to their students, but they do expose them to these subjects through integrated play-based activities. The following are the key responsibilities of Grade R teachers:

  1. Expose learners to language incidentally through planned interactive activities and through play-based learning.
  2. Expose learners to the following mathematics content areas through play-based activities
  3. Numbers, operations, and relationships;
  4. Patterns, functions, and algebra;
  5. Space and shape (geometry);
  6. Measurement
  7. Data handling.
  8. Develop learners’ life skills in the following areas:
  9. Beginning knowledge and personal and social well-being;
  10. Creative arts
  11. Physical education

Can I Teach Grade R With Educare Diploma?

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Is it possible to teach Grade R with an Educare diploma?

No, a Grade R teacher cannot teach with an Educare Qualification. A Bachelor of Education degree or a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is required to teach at any school.

With an Educare Qualification, you can work as a Teacher’s Assistant for a Grade R Teacher or at a Daycare or Early Childhood Development Center.

What is the demand for instructors in Grade R?

In 2015, there were 792 309 Grade R students in 17 188 schools, according to official data from the Department of Basic Education. In 2015, Grade R classrooms were present in 90% of all elementary schools (in 2015, there were 19 088 primary, intermediate, and combined schools in South Africa).

In 2013, there were 21 207 Grade R teachers in South Africa, with 16 520 (78 percent) not qualified to teach the grade. In other words, qualified Grade R instructors are in high demand in South Africa.

What draws you to a career as a Grade R teacher?

There is a high demand for qualified Grade R instructors right now. Grade R is a popular choice among Foundation Phase teachers because the school day comprises regulated play and a lot of fun! Instead of traditional lessons, children are exposed to reading, writing, and arithmetic in engaging and fun ways as they grow into learners.

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