Can I upgrade my Matric at TVET College

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Can I upgrade my Matric at TVET College

Can I upgrade my Matric at TVET College

The chance to update one’s credentials is essential for future educational and professional possibilities for those who did not receive adequate grades on their Matriculation examinations. You might be wondering if TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges provide the option to upgrade your Matric if you’re looking to increase your scores.

In this piece, we’ll look at the conditions and procedures necessary to improve your Matric at a TVET college, as well as the probable advantages of choosing this career route. Understanding the possibilities available at TVET colleges will help you make decisions about whether you want to fulfill entry criteria for further education or improve your employment prospects.

Can I upgrade my Matric at TVET College?

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges are educational institutions that provide students with education and training in order to prepare them for a certain range of jobs, employment, or entrepreneurial opportunities. Students who complete a TVET College qualification may be eligible for admission to a University of Technology to continue their studies at a higher level in the same field.

People who have finished Grade 9 are eligible to complete matric at TVET Colleges, and there is normally no age restriction. On Levels 2,3, and 4, which are equivalent to Grades 10, 11, and 12, you can get a National Vocational Certificate (NCV).

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Pass Requirements for Matric

Pass requirements are different according to the subject. These are the general pass requirements that have to be met per matric pass level:

There are 4 matric pass levels:

  • National Senior Certificate Pass
  • Higher certificate
  • Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree (commonly known as an exemption).

How To Upgrade Matric Results

Upgrading your matric results is as easy as:

  • Choosing your subjects and completing your registration process over the phone.
  • Receiving your study material at your doorstep within 5-7 working days of your registration.
  • Start to study as soon as you get your coursework and submit mock assignments to our tutors.
  • Having your assignments marked and getting feedback to help you improve.
  • Attending our examination preparation workshops.
  • Us helping you to register for your exams when you are ready.
  • You pass and receive your upgraded matric certificate.

How To Get Matric Certificate Fast

There is no way to get your matric certificate quickly.

However, if you are doing an Adult Matric or Matric Upgrade program, you can dedicate a lot of time and effort to your studies and finish in a shorter amount of time.

Upgrade Matric At A Tvet College

Some TVET Colleges offer Adult Matric courses that you can complete with a grade 9 certificate.

Without a matric certificate, you can also study at a TVET college and get a matric equivalent certificate. A matric equivalent certificate is on the same NQF 4 level as a traditional matric certificate, except the learning areas are different.

With a traditional matric certificate, you focus on getting broader knowledge. Whilst a matric equivalent course tends to give you a more specialized set of skills such as in accounting or business management

Register To Rewrite Matric Subjects To Improve Matric Results

Second Chance Matric Support Programme

Second Chance Matric is a program that has been created by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

This initiative gives you the chance to rewrite your matric exams after you have failed. You can write your Second Chance Matric exams around June, the year after you complete your matric exams.

Since these rewrites happen so soon, it is important to apply for the program as soon as you receive your matric results.

Matric Upgrade Through Distance Learning

Doing your Matric Upgrade through distance learning means:

Save money: With distance learning, you do not need to organize transport or alternative arrangement.
Work from the comfort of your home: Since you do not have to go to classes, you can work from your home or anywhere else you see fit.

Have your study material delivered: Matric College makes sure that your study material is delivered to your doorstep 5-7 workdays after your registration.
Work while you study: Distance learning means that you can complete your learning around your own schedule. That could mean getting a job and studying only when you are not working.

Matric For Adult South Africans

Adults in South Africa have many options when it comes to improving their education or getting their matric certificate. This includes:

ABET Courses.
Adult Matric.
Matric Upgrade.

Matric Equivalent Courses

Matric equivalent courses are a way of getting an NQF level 4 qualification without completing your high school matric year.

Matric equivalent certificates give students skills in a specialized field. This means that instead of getting a broad set of skills like in traditional matric, they are given specialized, workplace-specific skills.

List of TVET Colleges that offer Matric

Western Cape

  • Boland TVET College
  • College of Cape Town
  • False Bay College
  • Northlink TVET College
  • South Cape TVET College
  • West Coast TVET College

Eastern Cape

  • Buffalo City TVET College
  • Ikhala TVET College
  • Ingwe TVET College
  • King Hintsa TVET College
  • King Sabata Dalindyebo TVET College
  • Port Elizabeth TVET College


  • Capricorn TVET College
  • Lephalale TVET College
  • Letaba TVET College
  • Vhembe TVET College
  • Waterberg TVET College


  • Central Johannesburg TVET College
  • Ekurhuleni East TVET College
  • Ekurhuleni West TVET College
  • South West Gauteng TVET College
  • Tshwane North TVET College
  • Tshwane South TVET College
  • Western TVET College


  • Coastal TVET College
  • Elangeni TVET College
  • Esayidi TVET College
  • Majuba TVET College
  • Mnambithi TVET College
  • Thekwini TVET College
  • Umfolozi TVET College
  • Umgungundlovu TVET College


  • Ehlanzeni TVET College
  • Gert Sibande TVET College
  • Nkangala TVET College

Free State

  • Flavius Mareka TVET College
  • Maluti TVET College
  • Motheo TVET College

Northern Cape

  • Northern Cape Urban TVET College
  • Northern Cape Rural TVET College

North West

  • Orbit TVET College
  • Vuselela TVET College

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