Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?

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Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?

Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?


NSFAS is a financial aid program run by the South African government to assist students in paying for their higher education.
The Department of Higher Education and Training funds it. The National Science Foundation is a state agency that reports to the Department of Higher Education and Training. NSFAS offers financial aid in the form of a study bursary to qualified students who want to or are currently enrolled in TVET colleges or public universities.  Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?

One of the most essential decisions you will ever make is to invest in your future career in Technical and vocational education and training used to be out of reach for many people. However, with today’s financial possibilities, education has become more accessible to everyone. The purpose of this portion of the website is to demonstrate the numerous alternatives accessible to you for assisting in the financing of your education, as well as how manageable it is to pay for your studies.

 Boland College Nsfas Application Open and Closing Date for 2024

For the academic year 2024, applications will be accepted from 28th September to 31 January 2024.
In 2024, bursaries from the government’s funding scheme, the NSFAS, will be available for university and TVET college education.

Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?

Boland NSFAS Eligibility

  1. Be a  South African citizen.
  2. Be registered or intend to register for NCV or NATED (Report 191) Programme
  3. Persons in need of financial support.
  4. Academically good students who need financial support.

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  1. Any South African citizen who is currently studying or plans on studying at a public university or TVET college.
  2. The combined household income of the applicant who has registered at a public institution from 2018 or plans to register in 2020 for the first time must not exceed R350 000 per annum.
  3. The combined household income of an applicant who has registered prior to 2018 must not exceed R122 000 per annum.
  4. The combined household income of persons with disabilities must not exceed R600 000 per annum.

How to Apply For Nsfas At Boland Tvet College

  1. Visit and create your myNSFAS account
  2. After creating the account, log in and click the Apply tab: fill in your personal/required information and upload your supporting documents (personal information is pre-populated, provide your information is up-to-date at the Department of Home Affairs)
  3. Once you have filled in all required information, click on the ‘Submit’ option to complete your application and note your application Reference number.
  4. Prospective Students who wish to study at the Boland College through NSFAS Bursary must APPLY ONLINE at
  5. Manual NSFAS applications will be facilitated but students must apply directly to NSFAS online!

Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?

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Please attach the following documents:

  • Certified copy of your Identity Document. If you are younger than 16 years of age and do not have a green bar-coded ID or smart ID card, you must submit a certified copy of your unabridged birth certificate
  • Certified copy of the Identity Document of each household member including parents or legal guardian.*
  • Certified copy of your latest academic transcript or exam results. If you are currently in Grade 12, you do not need to submit this.
  • If you have been exempted from paying school fees, please provide a letter from the school informing NSFAS that you have been exempted.
  • Certified or official copy of recent payslip, letter of employment, not older than three months, for each parent, or the person who supports you, or your guardian, or yourself if you are employed. This is for all types of employment or all forms of income for all members of the household. This includes any income received from SASSA grants, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), or any retirement, life, disability, or other benefits paid as a lump sum or in monthly payments.*
  • If your parents or the person who supports you or your legal guardian are retired, please provide a copy of an official pension slip or bank statement showing pension payment.*
  • If your parents or the person who supports you or your legal guardian works as an informal trader, please provide an affidavit signed by them to confirm this employment.*    Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?
  • If either of your parents is deceased, please provide a certified copy of the death certificate.
  • If your parents are divorced, please provide a certified copy of the divorce decree.
  • If either of your parents does not live at home, please provide an affidavit explaining the reasons.
  • If you are supported by someone who is not your parent or legal guardian, please provide an affidavit explaining the reasons.
  • Certified copy of a SASSA letter if any of your family members are receiving a social grant and are also contributing to your household income. This also applies to your legal guardian.*
  • If you have indicated that a dependent in your household is a student, please provide proof of registration or acceptance at the TVET College or university for each dependent.*
  • If you have a disability, please complete the relevant supporting documents (please see the website for details) and submit them with your application form.

Based on your application, the NSFAS online application system will result in a list of necessary documents to upload. Please make sure to fill out each aspect of the online application form and attach all necessary supporting papers for NSFAS in order for your application to be processed.

For more information

Students apply online and directly to NSFAS. All successfully funded students by NSFAS are required to submit their application for allowances (Private Accommodation, Transportation, and Living allowance) to their respective Financial Aid Offices on campus.

Apply Now

If you require more information, please contact our Financial Aid Office at:
t: 021 741 3000 

Contact Boland Tvet College

For general inquiries:
Tel: 021 886 7111/2
Fax: 021 886 8260

Does Nsfas Fund Boland College?

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