Does Westcol Offer Teaching Courses?

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Does Westcol Offer Teaching Courses?

Does Westcol Offer Teaching Courses?

Welcome to our in-depth information on Westcol and the courses it offers in the area of teaching. Whether you are a passionate teacher trying to improve your teaching techniques or an aspiring teacher eager to launch your career, Westcol has a variety of programs geared to fulfill your educational goals. We will look at Westcol’s dedication to offering top-notch teaching courses in this post, giving people the skills they need to succeed in the teaching profession.

Does Westcol Offer Teaching Courses?


All of these courses have been carefully selected to give people relevant and high-quality education and training in order to prepare them for the global labor market. Furthermore, Westcol provides a variety of market-related education and training courses to ensure their students’ entire development. The courses are also delivered in an efficient, effective, and professional manner in order to achieve National Qualification Standards. In addition, Westcol has six campuses with a pleasant environment and nearby housing.

The Department of Higher Education and Training oversees Westcol Technical and Vocational Education and Training College, which is a public institution. Westcol is your innovative global partner in lifelong learning, delivering relevant and accessible quality education, training, and development opportunities to our customers, communities, and country through innovative teamwork.

Is there a teaching program at Westcol?

Westcol offers teaching courses that include:

  • General Studies N4-N6 programs
  • Educare, a Westcol teaching course that deals with children.

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Does Westcol Offer Teaching Courses?

Courses Offered

Western TVET College offers both NATED and National Certificate Vocational courses. All courses available in the college are accessible, relevant, and skills related to benefit their learners, community, and country. The College offers the following courses:


Business Studies

  • Introduction to N4
  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Legal Secretary Management
  • Assistant Marketing Management
  • Public Management
  • Public Relations

Engineering Studies

  • Pre-Vocational Learning Programmes
  • Engineering:N1 – N6
  • Electrical Installation Rules and Specialised Electrical InstallationRules
  • Certificate of Competency

Does Westcol Offer Teaching Courses?

General Studies

  • Educare
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Hairdressing

National Certificate Vocational Courses

  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering and Related Design
  • Finance Economics and Accounting
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Office Administration Tourism

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Moreover, these courses are categorized by campus so kindly look for the campus which offers your desired course and apply there. Likewise, you can contact your campus of interest to find out the courses they offer before applying there using the contact details below:

Does Westcol Offer Teaching Courses?


The following are the contact details of the campuses:


42 Johnstone Street, Randfontein
011 692 4004/82
P/Bag X17, Randfontein 1760
-26.170438, 27.709113


32 Von Brandis Street, Krugersdorp
011 953 1140
-26.105324, 27.772834


20 South Street, Carltonville
018 787 4102
-26.349876, 27.395565


109 Botha Street, 
011 784 1089
-26.325158, 27.643066


69 Flemming Avenue, KRUGERSDORP-WEST
011 660 1709
-26.091052, 27.747838


9 Kiewiet Street, Helikonpark, RANDFONTEIN
011 693 3608
-26.1865028, 27.6775167