How Much Is The Registration Fee At Sedibeng College

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How Much Is The Registration Fee At Sedibeng College

How Much Is The Registration Fee At Sedibeng College

Understanding Sedibeng College Registration Fees:

The Sedibeng Tvet College registration fee is a one-time or annual fee that students are required to pay upon acceptance or enrollment into the college. This fee is separate from tuition and covers administrative costs associated with processing the student’s admission and maintaining their records. Mostly, the Sedoibeng Tvet College registration fee is non-refundable.

Knowing the registration costs is an essential component of preparing for your schooling if you are thinking about enrolling at Sedibeng College for further education. Sedibeng College, one of South Africa’s top TVET institutions, provides a variety of technical and vocational programs to help students develop the practical skills they’ll need for their chosen career pathways.

This guide provides all the education you need on the financial side of your education by giving you the most recent details on Sedibeng College’s registration costs in this guide. Knowing the registration costs will enable you to plan and allocate your finances effectively, whether you are interested in engineering, business studies, or any other vocational subject.

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How Much Is The Registration Fee At Sedibeng College 2024/2025

Registration fees at Sedibeng Tvet College may vary per course or programme and duration of the course. Below are the registration fees for Sedibeng Tvet College for 2024/2025:

  • Sedibeng TVET College fees are R 5 188.50 for Academic Sessions.
  • Overall, tuition and subject fees for NC (V) level programs range from R7,000 to R16,000 per year.
  • On the other hand, the costs for Nated Report 191 programs range from R1,500 to R5,200 per trimester.

Documents Required for Sedibeng TVET College Registration

Before you complete the application form, make sure you have the following papers available to attach to your registration (save the document as a PDF):

  • a certified copy of your driver’s license
  • A certified copy of your highest degree is required. Grade 12 students must submit a certified copy of their Grade 11 final results as well as their Grade 12 final results from June or September.
  • Proof of parents’/guardians’ home address or a municipal account
  • Only disabled people – proof of disability or a medical certificate
  • Please keep in mind that certified copies must be no more than three months old.

How To Apply To Sedibeng TVET College

Follow the below process to register at Sedibeng Tvet College:

Stage 1:

  • Course Selection

Stage 2:

  • Upload ID-document and Qualifications in jpg or png format (You must have the documents available in electronic format on this device). You will be required to bring Certified Copies to the college if you are selected

Stage 3:

  • Capture your Biographical Data

Stage 4:

  • Verification of Email, ID-No, and cell phone number. The system does not rely on a password for authentication. Your ID number, email, and cellphone are used to authenticate you.

Stage 5:

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the registration information.

Sedibeng Tvet College Campuses

Heidelberg Campus:

  • Tel: 016 0040 407

Sebokeng Campus:

  • Tel: 016 100 8234

Vanderbijlpark Campus:

  • Tel: 016 933 5644

Vereeniging Campus:

  • Tel: 016 421 1150

Sedibeng Tvet Contact Details

Sedibeng TVET College can be contacted for more information and queries at the following address:

Central Office

  • Address: 37 Voortrekker Street Vereeniging 1930
  • Tel: 016 420 2520 or 016 420 2575
  • Fax: 016 422 6646
  • Web:

There is a registration fee associated with investing in your education at Sedibeng College, but that fee unlocks a world of opportunities. It’s an investment in your future, not just a financial commitment. Sedibeng College works to ensure that high-quality education is available to everyone through an open and honest cost structure, adaptable payment plans, and a dedication to offering value outside of the classroom. Sedibeng TVET College Online Applications and any informationclick here;

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