What Courses Do Tvet Colleges Offer

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What Courses Do Tvet Colleges Offer

What Courses Do Tvet Colleges Offer

The value of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges in providing people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace cannot be overstated. These institutions provide students with a road to both immediate employment and subsequent study by offering a wide variety of courses that cater to different industries. We will look at the typical courses provided by TVET colleges and their importance in the current labor market.

Colleges that specialize in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) have long been at the forefront of teaching students industry-specific skills and knowledge. The demand for vocational knowledge is rising, thus TVET Colleges have modified their course offerings to better reflect the needs of the contemporary labor market. What to anticipate is explained in detail below.

There are fifty registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa which operate on around 364 campuses spread across the rural and urban areas of the country. Public TVET Colleges are established and operated under the authority of the Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006 and resort under the Department of Higher Education and Training

List of Courses Offered at Tvet Colleges


 Business Studies N4-N6

  •  Management Assistant
  • Tourism
  •  Public Relations
  •  Art and Design
  •  Marketing Management
  •  Financial Management
  •  Hospitality
  • Human Resource Management
  • Clothing Production

Engineering studies N1-N6

  • Electrical Engineering (Heavy and Light current)
  •  Mechanical Engineering
  •  Civil Engineering


Business Studies

  • Finance; Economics and Accounting
  • Generic Management
  • Office Administration
  • Marketing

 Engineering studies

  •  I.T and Computer science
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  •  Engineering and related design
  •  Civil Engineering and Building Construction

Utility studies

  •  Hospitality
  • Tourism
  •  Safety in Society


  •  Craft and Confectionery Baking
  •  Cosmetology/ Beauty Therapy
  •  Hairdressing NQF Level 2-4
  •  Baking
  •  Curtain Making
  • Flower Arranging
  • Garment Making
  •  Events Management
  •  Linen Making
  •  Fashion Design
  •  Manicure, Pedicure, and Make-Up
  • End-User Computing
  •  Upholstery
  •  PC Repair

Documents needed to apply to Tvet Colleges

Prior to applying to the college, the following documents are required:

  • 3 certified copies of the ID of the Learner
  • 3 certified copies of the ID of the Parent/Legal Guardian
  • One ID-size photo
  • Copy Certified of latest school report/Grade 9 or Higher
  • A unique Email address and cellphone number

Contact Details

123 Fr​ancis Baard Street

Call Centre Information
0800 87 2222
Private Bag X174
Tel + 27 12 312 5911

A wide variety of courses that bridge the gap between education and employment are offered by TVET colleges. These institutions give people the skills they need to succeed in today’s tough job market due to their emphasis on practical skills and industry relevance.