What Do TVET Colleges Offer

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What Do TVET Colleges Offer

What Do TVET Colleges Offer

Education is frequently the key that opens doors to a world of chances when it comes to developing a successful profession. Colleges that offer technical and vocational education and training (TVET) are essential in supplying specialized instruction and useful skills that are highly valued by employers in a variety of industries. This essay will look at the services provided by TVET colleges and how they can influence your career choice.

TVET is a term that is used around the world and it is the part of the education system that combines education, training, and skills development. This is to train students with all of the different skills needed for their future job. TVET colleges train you to be skilled in a specific vocation or profession, which makes you hot-stuff to prospective employers or will allow you to study further at one of SA’s great universities of technology.

The courses offered at TVET colleges have both theoretical and practical components. The theoretical part gives you the knowledge you need to own your chosen career. The practical component of the course helps you by instilling this knowledge by allowing you to learn and teach you how it is applied to the practical part of your work. Score!

What Do TVET Colleges Offer

TVET Colleges can offer courses in industry fields such as agriculture, arts and culture, business, hospitality, commerce and management, education, training and development, engineering, manufacturing and technology, services, building construction, and security

List of courses offered at Tvet College

  • Education and Development
  • Finance, Economics, and Accounting
  • Information Technology and Computer Practice
  • Mechatronics
  • Office Administration
  • Tourism
  • Civil Engineering and Building Construction
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering and Related Design
  • Safety In Society
  • National Skill Fund ( NSF Project )
  • Automotive Repair and Maintenance
  • Fitting
  • Mechatronics
  • Motor Mechanic
  • Wholesale and Retail Operations
  • Water and water waste Treatment
  • Water Reticulation services
  • End-User computing
  • General Security Practice
  • Sports coaching
  • Accounting Technician
  • Fibre Processing and Manufacturing ( FP & M SETA)
  • Furniture Making
  • Health and Wealth (HWSETA)
  • Fitting and Turning
  • Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Education Training and Development Practices ( ETDP-SETA)
  • Early childhood Development
  • Wholesale and Retail SETA
  • Wholesale and Retail Operations

For entry into Business Management, you require:

  • Grade 12 Certificate; or
  • Equivalent qualification.

For entry into the Mechanical Engineering N3, you require:

  • Grade 12; or
  • Equivalent qualification

In order to obtain a Nated National Certificate (Business Management), a student is required to take the following subjects.

  • Introductory Accounting N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Financial Accounting N4 and N5
  • Sales Management N5 and N6
  • Computer Practice N4, N5 and N6
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4, N5 and N6

National N4 Certificate

Once you have completed the National N4 Certificate course, you will be awarded an N4 certificate.

This qualification is awarded by The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and The Department of Higher Education and Training.

National N5 Certificate

After having completed and passed the National N5 Certificate course, you will be awarded an N5 National Certificate.

Both the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations award this certificate.

National N6 Certificate

The final level of the National Certificate qualifications is N6. After having passed and completed this final course, The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and the Department of Higher Education and Training will award you an N6 National Certificate.

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These schools provide you with specialized instruction, practical experience, and programs that are applicable to your sector, enabling you to succeed in your chosen field. TVET colleges have something beneficial to offer you, regardless of where you are in your educational journey or whether you want to improve your abilities.


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