What Does It Mean To Pending Verification

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What Does It Mean To Pending Verification

What Does It Mean To Pending Verification

Deconstructing “Pending Verification”: Comprehending Its Importance:

The Pending verification status indicates that your application was submitted successfully, but that documentation from your selected recommenders or references is still pending. Your application will be marked as “Submitted” once the recommender has submitted their documents. This status implies that the student has satisfied college and departmental requirements, pending satisfactory completion of in-progress coursework. After final grades are submitted, their records will be examined again.¬† What Does It Mean To Pending Verification?

Why Is My Admission Status Pending

Pending Admission Status indicates that your name has not yet been approved for inclusion on the admission list. The following may be the reason why your admission status is pending:

  • Awaiting Grid Review: College coursework and training are currently being reviewed for eligibility
  • Course Description: The applicant has been asked to acquire course descriptions for courses listed on their official transcripts, or provide additional information for courses specific to the applicant (i.e. student teaching, practicums, seminars, internships).
  • Currently Taking Coursework: The applicant is currently taking coursework to meet the Education and Training component of the Credential(s).
  • Awaiting Additional Coursework: College coursework and training have been reviewed, and it has been determined that the applicant needs additional coursework and/or training to meet eligibility requirements.
  • Provide Documents: The applied college may also request you to upload more information to facilitate the verification process.


Requirements For Checking Your Application Status

  • Student Name
  • Student Number
  • Email address
  • Telephone Number

Application Status Checker Process

To check your application status, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • To check a College application status visit the official website of the particular college.
  • Enter your application login details like your name, student number, etc., and then click¬† on the Submit button
  • You will be notified by email of your admission status, including whether or not you have been accepted.

Note: If you are, you will be provided with further instructions for final enrollment.

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