When Are TVET Colleges Opening

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When Are TVET Colleges Opening

When Are TVET Colleges Opening; TVET Colleges’ Application dates

Are you anxious to get your technical and vocational education and training (TVET) thrills underway? Or maybe you’re a teacher who’s unsure of when you’ll be back in the classroom. Many people have expressed concern about the unknowns concerning TVET college openings, particularly in light of the continuing global epidemic. We’ll provide you with the most recent information on when TVET institutions will start accepting students in 2024 in this article.

TVET is an educational and training organization that offers knowledge and skills for employment. Formal, non-formal, and informal learning are all included in TVET. For social equality, inclusion, and sustainable development, TVET is acknowledged as a key vehicle. South African TVET colleges from several provinces are looking to add additional students. Each academic year, the process of getting ready for the application begins on April 1 and continues until June 30.>>>>TVET Colleges’ application dates 

Importance of Studying at TVET Colleges?

TVET Colleges prepare students for a variety of jobs by teaching them practical and other skills. To guarantee that their courses are responsive to labor market needs, the universities maintain tight relationships with key participants in industry and commerce. Entrepreneurial skills learned at TVET Colleges can be applied to develop enterprises in a variety of fields, including catering, construction, IT, tourism, and hairdressing.>>>>> TVET colleges closing dates for 2024

Application Deadlines for Tvet College

Understanding application deadlines is vital before diving into specific opening dates. Depending on the curriculum and semester, different TVET colleges may have differing deadlines for the 2024 intake. Application deadlines for the first semester of 2024 typically close in late 2023, but those for the second semester may have a different date. For exact application deadlines, always visit the college’s official website.

How much does it cost to study at a TVET College?

Studying at a public TVET College has moderate costs in order to make it affordable. The Department of Higher Education and Training covers 80% of the delivery costs, and students can apply for scholarships and loans to help them pay their tuition fees.

Around 200,000 TVET students will benefit from DHET subsidies offered by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme in 2015. (NSFAS). The price of a course varies greatly. The following are some examples of fees for various TVET College Courses. >>>>> TVET colleges closing dates for 2024

Documents needed to apply to TVET Colleges

Prior to applying to the college, the following documents are required:

  • 3 certified copies of the ID of the Learner
  • 3 certified copies of the ID of the Parent/Legal Guardian
  • One ID-size photo
  • Copy Certified of latest school report/Grade 9 or Higher
  • A unique Email address and cellphone number
  • >>>>> TVET colleges closing dates for 2024

Programs offered at TVET College 


  • Office Administration
  • Finance, Economics & Accounting
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Engineering & Related Design
  • >>>>> TVET colleges closing dates for 2024


  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • >>>>> TVET colleges closing dates for 2024

How To Apply to TVET College

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all 2024 applications will be done online

  • Log on to the college’s official website
  • Select online registration
  • Register your account
  • Start applying
  • Follow the steps until the end
  • You will receive a reference number
  • >>>>> TVET colleges closing dates for 2024

You will also need to upload a certified copy of your ID and your latest results.

Ensure that you have a reliable cellphone number, email address, and next of kin details.

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