Can You Buy Your Matric?

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Can You Buy Your Matric?

Can You Buy Your Matric?

The Startling Truth: Is It Possible to Purchase Your High School Diploma? Breaking the Truth:

 Matric (matriculation) is a phrase used in South Africa to refer to the final year of high school and the qualification gained at graduation, but it technically refers to the minimum university entrance criteria. It can also be defined as a formal process of entering or being eligible to enter a university after meeting specific academic prerequisites, such as passing a matriculation examination.
The National Senior Certificate is the official qualification gained at the completion of secondary schooling, and the school-leaving examinations are known as “Senior Certificate Examinations.” Either the Department of Education or the Independent Examination Board can finish the National Senior Certificate.
Students who achieve a Matriculation qualification/Pass Bachelor’s on their Senior Certificate results (an achievement rating of 3 (Moderate Achievement, 40% – 49%) or better in four (4) designated subjects) receive a Matriculation Endorsement/Pass Bachelor’s on their certificates; this endorsement is the legal minimum requirement for admission to a bachelor’s degree at any South African university.

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Can you buy your Matric? No, the buying and selling of a Matric Certificate is a Criminal act

People claiming to view Umalusi Matric certificates on digital media have been warned by Umalusi. They’ve noticed an upsurge in the number of persons selling illegal matrix certifications on social media sites.

According to the CEO of Umalusi, Dr Rakometsi

Either buying or selling fraudulent certificates is a serious criminal offence, therefore, Umalusi is currently working with law enforcement agencies to track down these criminals and institute a legal process against them.
– CEO of Umalusi, Dr Rakometsi

If you are found to have purchased your Matric certificate, you could get a fine or even worse, face jail time. You will have a criminal record as well which is damaging to your future.

The National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act 12 of 2019, says:

Any person convicted of an offence in terms of this Act, is liable, in the case of a contravention of sections 32B(1), 32B(2), 32B(3) or 32B(4) to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, or to both a fine and such imprisonment.

“It is important that the department alerts members of the public to this,” Dr Rufus Poliah, Chief Director of the National Assessment and Public Examination, previously stated, “as it threatens the integrity of the National Senior Certificate examination (Matric) process, as well as calling into question the security and authenticity of the matric certificate.”

Umalusi is the council in charge of education and training quality assurance. They evaluate the outcomes of both public and private institutions. It is their responsibility to certify the examinations and outcomes, determining whether they are reliable, genuine, and fair.

Replace matric certificate

Lost or damaged certificate

If you’ve misplaced or damaged your original matric certificate (National Senior Certificate), request a replacement from the provincial Department of Education or the Department of Basic Education. Applying and paying for the reissue online is possible. While you wait for the release of your certificate, you can request the statement of results. You must give the damaged certificate back to the Department of Basic Education if it is damaged.

Please be aware that the process for requesting a replacement matriculate certificate may vary from province to province.

Change of status

If you took the matriculation exam more than once and wish to combine your credits in order to be eligible for a national certificate, you must submit an application for a replacement certificate: change of status. Unless you completed a separate exam, the department does not automatically combine your credits. Applying for this is also possible online.

While you are awaiting the National Senior Certificate, you can ask for a confirmation statement of results.

Find out more about replacement certificates at the Department of Basic Education.

  • National office: 012 357 4511/13 sends e-mail)
  • Eastern Cape: 043 604 7709/73
  • Free State: 051 404 8000
  • Gauteng: 011 355 0588
  • KwaZulu-Natal: 031 327 0538/0331
  • Limpopo: 015 290 7747/7830
  • Mpumalanga: 013 766 0033
  • Northern Cape: 053 839 6585
  • North West: 018 384 3100/51
  • Western Cape: 021 467 2483

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