Public Tvet Colleges In Gauteng

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Public Tvet Colleges In Gauteng

Public Tvet Colleges In Gauteng

Are you a student in Gauteng keen to start on a successful career path? The public TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges that the province is home to are your best bet. Let’s look at the top public TVET institutions in Gauteng, emphasizing their dedication to giving students a hands-on education, employable skills, and a direct road to a prosperous future.

TVET colleges are committed to delivering high-quality education and training to help students gain the skills and competencies they need to begin their career journeys. Learners develop vital life skills to face more than a paper certification and the many demands of the working world.

Colleges of Tvet are also working in close cooperation with players and stakeholders in different industries to support the needs of experienced, skilled, and qualified workers through personalized training programs.

Why Should You Consider Vocational Training at a Public TVET College in Gauteng?

The education and training offered at a public TVET college are customized and responsive to the learner and industry needs. The careers they promote are essential for the continued improvement of the South African economy

TVET Colleges Online Application Procedure in Gauteng

TVET Colleges Online Application 2024 has been published below. The TVET Colleges online application 2024 has been opened for admission into various programs in any of the institutions listed below. TVET Colleges Online Application Forms can be accessed below.

You can apply online by visiting any of the Online Application portals of any of the colleges below through the link stated below. Applicants can also visit the school to book an online application session.

Application details to Public Tvet Colleges In Gauteng

  • Applicants are required to pay an application fee( The application fee is stated on the application form)
  • Applicant must have an active email account(note, an applicant without email will not be admitted.
  • Applicant should make sure he qualifies for a particular course before applying
  • All applicants should be 18 years and above and must provide a valid ID to prove
  • Applicants should provide original or copied certified results or qualification
  • The certified ID of parents or Guardians
  • Medical proof of your condition
  • Complete and sign the disability form
  • Foreign applicant should submit their passport ID
  • SAQA approve
  • Studying permit
  • Proof of insurance or medical


How to Apply to Public Tvet Colleges In Gauteng

Step 1: Get your application form.

All new applications are online:

I accept that the TVET College will communicate with me during the application process using the e-mail address and cellphone number. Please ensure that you provide a valid and working e-mail address and one cellphone number during the application process.

Step 2: Complete your application form in full

Verification of e-mail, ID, and cell phone number. Your ID, e-mail, and cell phone are used to authenticate you.

Step 3: Attach all supporting documents.

All applicants starting a new qualification are required to upload the following certified documents:

    • Birth Certificate/Identity Document (Proof of application for new ID/Passport)
    • Certificates/Qualifications
    • Recent Academic results
    • Municipal billing document/other account statements (not older than 3 months)
    • A valid study permit (Foreign national students)
    • The South African Qualification Authority’s (SAQA) Evaluation Certificate (foreign qualifications).

Step 4: Submit your application

A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the application information.


Step 1: Applications received.
No. Process Status
1. Applicant submitted application . – Application without status
2. Applicants with the course-specific/recommended subjects. AP – Application in progress
3. Applicants who do not have the course-specific/recommended subjects. AU – Applicant Unsuccessful
4. Applicants who did not attach visible documents. ND – Outstanding document urgently.
5. Applicants’ applications go through to the Selection Committee for selection AC – Awaiting Selection Committee
6. Applicant’s applications selected by the Selection Committee for Registration/Admission A – Admitted
7. Applicant’s application NOT selected by the Selection Committee for Registration/Admission because of AP score or received more applications for the qualification X – Not admitted

Contact Details

123 Fr​ancis Baard Street

Call Centre Information
0800 87 2222
Private Bag X174
Tel + 27 12 312 5911

Students who choose a Public TVET college in Gauteng are positioning themselves for a future defined by professional achievement and personal development.


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