Russell Road College Courses

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Russell Road College Courses

Russell Road College Courses; Dower College Courses

Are you prepared to advance in your education? Look no further than Russell Road College, where a wide selection of college courses will open up a world of prospects for you. Russell Road College offers programs for everyone, whether you are a recent high school graduate or a working professional looking to advance your abilities.

Russell Road College is aware that every person has different aims and goals. Their wide range of college courses, which provide courses in many different disciplines of study, shows this knowledge. You’re sure to find a course that aligns with your interests and goals, whether they are in the arts, sciences, business, or technology.


In Port Elizabeth’s Central Business District, the historic Russell Road Campus may be found. At this site, you’ll find large lecture rooms, a well-equipped resource center, simulated practice areas, and a student café. The well-equipped Hospitality venue on this campus attracts both students and outside companies. Russell Road College Courses

This institution serves working-class students who want to finish their education at night, which is why there is a steady stream of students throughout the year. All patrons of the institution are protected by strict security procedures.

Courses Treated At Russell Road College


  1. National Certificate: Marketing
  2. National Certificate: Finance, Economics, and Accounting
  3. National Certificate: Information Technology and Computer Sciences

Dower College Courses

Hospitality & Tourism

  1. National Certificate: Hospitality
  2. National Certificate: Tourism

Russell Road College Courses

Skills Programmes and Short Courses offered at Russell Road Campus:

  1. National Certificate Bookkeeping NQF 3
  2. Further Education & Training Certificate NQF 4
  3. National Certificate small business Management NQF 4
  4. Pastel Payroll Certified Installer (PCI)
  5. Pastel Partner 11 intermediate NQF 4 (skills)
  6. Certificate: Office Administration NQF 5
  7. Higher Certificate in Marketing NQF 5
  8. Higher Certificate in Export Management NQF 5
  9. Certificate in Business Management (Principles) NQF 5
  10. Diploma in Business Management (Practice) NQF 5
  11. National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting NQF 5
  12. National Diploma: Financial Accounting NQF 6
  13. Diploma: Office Administration NQF 6
  14. National Certificate Hairdressing NQF 2, 3, 4

How To Apply For Russell Road College

The following documents will be requested of all students.

  1. A certificate of good conduct from their former educational institutions or workplace
  2. On application, a certified copy of the most recent school report must be supplied.
  3. Original and 8 certified copies of identification (if a student is 16 years or older) must be supplied at the time of application.

Note: In the case of minors or students for whom a parent or guardian is providing financial support, parents or guardians must accompany the applicant to ensure that the personal information provided is accurate. Students will be selected for the course depending on their aptitude (as determined by their highest qualifications and other relevant variables). This possibility must be evaluated by the College Council. Dower College Courses

Requirements Of Students who transfer from another FET College

Russell Road College Courses

  1. A letter from the former institution confirming that they have been de-registered.
  2. A certified copy of your ID card
  3. On College letterhead, a report on their academic background, including results from Internal Continuous Assessment (ICASS) and Integrated Summative Assessment (ISAT).
  4. If transferring during the academic year, the student’s Portfolios of Evidence for all disciplines from the previous university.
  5. A certificate of good standing from their former educational institution

Competency Tests – NCV

The competency test’s purpose is to ensure that the student is placed in the best program for him or her. To determine his or her ability in English, which is the College’s medium of instruction, the student must take a competency test. Competency exams are required by the National Department of Education and Training as a condition of admission, and they must be administered in the best interests of students and the College. Dower College Courses

Subjects To Be Treated In The Competency Test

  1. Mathematics
  2. Mathematical Literacy
  3. Vocational subjects, in specialized fields

 Note: Students who are not successful in the competency test will be directed toward other study options.

Russell Road College Courses

Contact Details

  • Russell Road Campus:
  • Tel: +27 41 509 6300

Head Office

  • Central Administration:
  • Tel: +27 41 509 6000

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