SWGC Roodepoort West Campus Location And Contact Address

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SWGC Roodepoort West Campus Location And Contact Address

SWGC Roodepoort West Campus Location And Contact Address


The college’s administration has posted the location and contact information on its official page. It includes information such as phone numbers, GPS addresses, street names, post office numbers, fax lines, and email addresses, among other things.

SWGC’s Roodepoort West Campus had overall growth, and skill progress, and expanded its industry relationships, resulting in an upgrade in report 191result.SWGC Roodepoort West Campus Location And Contact Address

The campus is known for providing high-quality technical and vocational education and training services that meet education and training quality assurance standards and assist students in achieving academic success.

The Roodepoort Campus of SWGC is well-known for its high-quality vocational education and training. Their main goal is to make innovative use of all college resources in order to improve service delivery, employability, and student entrepreneurship while also adhering to ISO standards.

Online Date For Application

The application period for the 2024 academic year begins on September 1, 2023, and ends on October 30, 2023.

How To Apply To SWGC Roodepoort Campus 

The steps outlined below will help you in filling out your application forms

  1. The following documents can help you with your application.
  2. A certified copy of the most recent qualification/results
  3. Certified copy of Identity document
  4. A unique email address
  5. A working cell phone number
  6. Attached medical statement from a registered doctor if you have any disability or ongoing medical condition that will require you to seek special assistance from the College,
  7. You can receive application forms from the College’s official website, or you can visit any of the college campuses to submit your application.
  8. From the portal, you can download and fill out an application form.

Programs And Courses

  1. Finance, Economics & Accounting
  2. Management
  3. Marketing 2 – 4
  4. Office Administration
  5. Education and Development
  6. Hospitality and Catering Services
  7. Information Technology and Computer Science
  8. Primary Agriculture
  9. Primary Health
  10. Safety in Society
  11. Tourism 2 – 4
  12. Transport and Logistics
  13. Report 191/ Nated N1 – N6
  14. Leadership Programs
  15. Skills Programs
  16. Civil Engineering and Building Construction
  17. Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  18. Engineering and Related Design

SWGC Roodepoort West Campus Location And Contact Address

Campus Location

  • Physical Address: No.1 Hinda & Lawson Street | Roodepoort | 1724
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X33, Tshiawelo, 1817
  • Johannesburg

Contact Details

  • Tel: 086 176 8849
  • Direct Lines: 011 527 8300 / 010 140 7942
  • E-mail: rdpw@swgc.co.za
  • Campus Manager: Ms. Nomava Mvinjelwa

For more information, visit the official website of SWGC Roodepoort Campus