Tvet Colleges in Zambia

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Tvet Colleges in Zambia

Tvet Colleges in Zambia

Zambia has recently come to understand how important Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutes are in developing a trained and capable workforce. TVET colleges are essential in equipping people with the knowledge and practical skills they need to satisfy the demands of diverse businesses as the country’s economy expands.

This page provides a thorough overview of TVET colleges in Zambia, describing their importance, their curriculum, and the many opportunities they present.

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The Integrity of TVET Institutions in Zambia

Zambia’s TVET institutions are in a unique position to close the knowledge gap between conventional academic training and the real-world skills demanded by the labor market. These schools serve a wide range of students, including those who have dropped out of school, those trying to upgrade their skills, and those who want to get back into the workforce.

TVET colleges educate students to enter the workforce by providing practical training in a variety of technical and vocational subjects. Because of their practical expertise, graduates from these institutions are highly sought-after candidates for jobs in Zambia’s expanding economy.

Finance and Governance

The Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training, and Early Education is the main government body responsible for all levels of education in Zambia. The Ministry consists of five directorates – planning and information; standards and curriculum development; human resources and administration; teacher education and specialized education; and distance learning.

The Department of Vocational Education and Training at the Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training and Early Education is in charge of formulating and providing policy

Established in 2005, the Technical Education, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) is the main body overseeing TVET implementation in the country. TEVETA accredits and registers TVET institutions; offers support to TVET providers; develops curricula and conducts examinations.

Through its Training Systems Development Unit, TEVETA oversees four different TVET delivery models in Zambia:

  • Institution-based training;
  • Workplace-based training;
  • TVET Learnership scheme (dual-training system conducted partly at a TVET institution
  • and party in the workplace); and
  • Open and distance training.


Zambia’s TVET system is supported by a variety of funding sources.

The government provides funding to public TVET institutions through the relevant Ministries. Funds are used to subsidize training fees and for operational costs of TVET institutions.

Charities and donors ensure funding for community-based and faith-based TVET providers. Those organizations subsidize TVET training for socio-economically disadvantaged learners.

Training fees are a significant source of funding for both public and private TVET providers. However, fees charged by private institutions are not regulated while public TVET institutions need to seek approval for training fees from the corresponding

The industry provides funding for enterprise-based training allowing students to train directly at the workplace.

Established under the TVET (Amendment) Act. No. 11 of 2005, the TEVET Fund serves as a source of funding for public and private providers. The Government provides funds for the Fund which are consequently awarded to pre-determined training programs at public training institutions.

Tvet Colleges in Zambia

Qualifications and Qualifications Frameworks

National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

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Scheme extracted from Nkanza, P. K. (2010). National Report on the Literature Review on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) – Zambia. Paris: UNESCO. The objectives of the Zambia Qualifications Framework (ZQF) are to create a single, integrated qualifications framework; enhance the quality of training; promote education and training opportunities; and facilitate access to, as well as mobility and progression within the education system. Currently (2012) the ZQF is under development.

The establishment of the Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZQA) and the Higher Education Authority are envisaged for 2012. Subsequently, impact assessment studies will be carried out in 2013.

Assurance of high quality

The Technical Education, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVETA) grades registered training institutions on the basis of their ability to satisfy the minimum training standards. It inspects TVET institutions and awards grades one, two, or three.

Descriptions of grades:

Grade One – Very Good

The institution is a very good institution in terms of management, staff, and facilities and shows very few weaknesses.

Grade Two – Good

The institution offers good basic quality training but shows some problems in management, trainers qualifications or facilities. It shows more strengths than weaknesses but there are areas in need of improvement.

Grade Three – Satisfactory

The institution shows a mixture of strengths and weaknesses in the above-mentioned
quality elements. It barely meets the minimum training standards.

List of Tevet Colleges in Zambia

Under the Department of Vocational Education and Training of the Ministry of Higher Education, there are 28 public institutions. The following is a list of the institutions:

  • Kasiya Business and Secretarial College
  • Chipata Trades Training Institute
  • Evelyn Hone College (EHC)
  • Gemstone and Lapidary Processing
  • Industrial Training Centre (ITC)
  • Isoka Trades Training Institute
  • Kabwe Institute of Technology
  • Kalabo Trades Training Institute
  • Kaoma Trades Training Institute
  • Kitwe Vocational Training Centre (KVTC)
  • Livingstone Institute for Business and Engineering Studies (LIBES)
  • Luanshya Technical and Business College (LTBC)
  • Lukashya Trades Training Institute (LTTI)
  • Lusaka Business and Technical College (LBTC)
  • Lusaka Vocational Training Centre (LVTC)
  • Mansa Trades Training Institute
  • Mongu Trades Training Institute
  • Mwense Trades Training Institute
  • Mwinilunga Trades Training Institute
  • Zambia Institute of Management (ZAMIM)
  • Nkumbi International College
  • Northern Technical College (NORTEC)
  • Solwezi Trades Training Institute
  • St.Mawagali Training Institute
  • Technical and Vocational Teachers’ College (TVTC)
  • Thorn Park Construction Training Centre
  • Ukwimi Trades Training Institute
  • Zambia Institute for Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP)

Contact Details

Contact Information

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Technology and Science
Maxwell House, Los Angeles Boulevard
P. O. Box 50464, Lusaka, Zambia

Toll Free Zamtel:+260955624777
or 3363
Fax: +260-1-252951/252089

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Zambia’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges are changing lives by giving people the abilities and information necessary to prosper in the nation’s changing labor market. These institutions are essential for fostering economic progress and developing a knowledgeable workforce that will be able to guide Zambia into a successful future.

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