Which Colleges Offer Educare?

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Which Colleges Offer Educare?

Which Colleges Offer Educare?


If working with young children is your passion and you’re thinking about a career in education, you might be wondering which colleges offer courses in this area. The information and practical skills required to work in early childhood education settings are provided by Educare programs.

The educational courses offered by some of the top universities will be discussed in this article, giving you the knowledge and credentials you need to have a good influence on the lives of young students.

Which Colleges Offer Educare?

These courses are created by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). These qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Educare offers a training and placement facility to anyone involved in childcare: Parents, crèche assistants, teachers, au-pairs, nannies, and housekeepers.

Educare is a term that refers to the practice of caring for children. Simply put, it is to educate and care. Parents or guardians must put their trust in someone to look after their children while they are at work or running errands. And, believe it or not, there’s a lot more to child care than keeping an eye on them as they watch cartoons.

Why should I pursue a degree in Educare?

Educare will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with children aged 0 to 5.
You will learn the following skills:

  • Planning and teaching lessons to young children
  • Identifying symptoms of child illness
  • Planning budgets
  • Dealing with staff issues Managing a daycare

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Which Colleges Offer Educare?

Educare vs. Preschool: What’s the Difference?

The terms childcare, educare, and preschool are frequently used interchangeably. They differ from one another, despite the fact that they all specialize in Early Childhood Development. Each one is distinct in its own way. Before enrolling in our courses, make sure you know which establishment you want to work in and all their requirements. The following are some of the key differences between educare and preschool.

Educare Courses

  • Our courses include:
  • National Certificate: N4 Educare (NQF level 5)
  • National Certificate: N5 Educare (NQF level 5)
  • National Certificate: N6 Educare (NQF level 5)
  • National Diploma: N6 Educare (NQF level 6)
  • Basic Childcare
  • Save-A-Child First Aid
  • Cooking and Nutrition for Kids
  • Developmental Stimulation
  • Housekeeping for the Family
  • First Aid for the Industry

Which Colleges Offer Educare?

Tvet Colleges That Offer Educare

  • Boland TVET College
  • College of Cape Town
  • False Bay TVET College
  • Northlink TVET College
  • South Cape TVET College
  • West Coast TVET College
  • Central Johannesburg TVET College
  • Ekurhuleni East TVET College
  • Ekurhuleni West TVET College
  • Sedibeng TVET College
  • South West Gauteng TVET College
  • Tshwane North TVET College
  • Tshwane South TVET College
  • Western TVET College
  • Coastal TVET College
  • Elangeni TVET College
  • Esayidi TVET College
  • Majuba TVET College
  • Mnambithi TVET College
  • Mthashana TVET College
  • Thekwini TVET College
  • Umfolozi TVET College
  • Umgungundlovu TVET College

Which Colleges Offer Educare?

Other Educare Centers

  • Fundisa Educare Centre
  • Educare Preschool
  • Walmer Educare
  • Blue Buddies Educare
  • Edukids Educare Centre
  • Teletubbies Educare
  • Teletubbies Educare Centre
  • Greenlight Educare
  • Jungle Kidz edu-care
  • Kooweekidz Educare
  • Mandela EduCare Centre
  • Kids & Us Educare and Pre-School
  • Sizwe Sethu Educare Centre
  • Newton Park Educare And Pre-Primary
  • Tinky Winky Educare Centre
  • Wonderwonings Educare Centre
  • Cotswold Educare & Pre-Primary
  • Lukhanyiso Educare Centre

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