Why Stanford Is Better Than Harvard?

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Why Stanford Is Better Than Harvard?

Why Stanford Is Better Than Harvard In Application?

Stanford vs. Harvard: Unveiling the Superiority of Stanford University:

Stanford and Harvard are two of the most prestigious colleges in the United States, with campuses on the West and East coasts, respectively. Stanford University is located in the centre of “Silicon Valley,” which is home to companies such as Google, HP, Yahoo!, and others. It is situated between the cities of San Jose and San Francisco. The Pacific Ocean and Santa Cruz Mountains are to the west, and San Francisco Bay is to the east, on the 8,180-acre campus.

There are about 11,000 students on campus, and biking is a common mode of transportation. There is also a free campus bus and car-share program. Stanford has established itself as one of the country’s finest universities, consistently placing among the top ten national colleges. Stanford is noted for its excellent academics as well as its high return on investment and entrepreneurial student body.

Stanford University is a private research university in Stanford, California, officially known as Leland Stanford Junior University. The campus is one of the largest in the United States, with 8,180 acres and nearly 17,000 students. Stanford is one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city situated across the Charles River from Boston, where Harvard University is located. Cambridge is a centre of academics and higher learning since it is home to two of the world’s top educational institutions, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The campus, which spans 5,083 acres and includes Harvard Yard and Harvard Square, is located throughout Cambridge (a popular area filled with bookstores, restaurants, cafes, and stores). Harvard is on the cutting edge of academic and intellectual exploration. Those who come here to learn, research, teach, work, and grow join nearly 400 years of students and academics in their quest for truth, knowledge, and a better world.

Harvard is a research university and a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities to people from all walks of life. Harvard is a vibrant community where you will be welcomed and supported. Harvard is your home, no matter where you came from.

Harvard vs. Stanford: A Quick Overview

Student to Faculty Ratio              6:1                                                                                           5:1
Middle 50% SAT/AC           SAT:1470-1560 ACT: 33-35                                     SAT: 720-800 (M); 700-770 (EWR)ACT: 32-35
ACT: 32-35

SAT: 720-800 (M); 700-770 (EWR)
ACT: 32-35

Subject Tests Required         Two recommended                                                                              Optional
Median Starting Salary                 $69,000                                                                                     $70,400

University Size

Despite the fact that both Stanford and Harvard have under 7,000 undergraduate students,

  • Harvard has a much larger graduate student body, with a total enrollment of 20,700 compared to
  • Stanford’s 16,384 students.
  • Stanford classes had an average of 69 per cent fewer than 20 students, whereas
  • Harvard classes have an average of 72 per cent.
  • Stanford has a 5:1 student-to-faculty ratio, while
  • Harvard has a 6:1 ratio.

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Academics Standings

Stanford is known for its engineering and computer science programs, but it also offers majors in aeronautics and astronautics, art practice, Native American studies, and theatre and performance studies.

Students must meet general education requirements in a variety of subjects, including:

  • Thinking Matters
  • Ways of Thinking/Ways of Doing
  • Writing and Rhetoric, and Language

Harvard: Popular majors like as psychology, computer science, history, and economics are among the 50 concentrations available at Harvard. Students must complete general education requirements in the following areas:

  • Aesthetics and Culture
  • Ethics and Civics
  • Histories, Societies, Individuals
  • Science and Technology in Society

Housing At Standford

All full-time undergraduate students at Stanford are guaranteed housing. Residence halls, apartments and suites, and small-group houses are all options. Upperclassmen employ a lottery method, whereas freshmen and new transfer students are forced to live on campus and are assigned to homes based on preference forms they fill out. That always brings the question: Why Stanford Is Better Than Harvard and vice versa?

Students may attend and engage in activities such as faculty dinners, lectures, film screenings, field trips to surrounding attractions, holiday celebrations, community events, and more as part of their residential life. Around 97 per cent of undergraduate students reside on campus.

Housing At Harvard

  • After their first year, when they share suites in dorms with fellow first-year students on the Harvard Yard, Harvard students live in one of 12 houses. The houses create a sense of belonging, assisting in the development of friendships and ties with classmates and professors. Over 97 per cent of undergraduate students reside on campus, and housing is provided for the entire four-year program.

School Fees(Tuition Fee)

  • Harvard: will set you back around USD 48,000 per year (tuition only).
  • Stanford: on the other hand, costs around USD 52,000. (tuition only).

 Note: The good news is that both schools offer significant financial aid. However, Harvard is more generous due to its hefty endowment fund of around 40 billion dollars. Harvard is known to have the most considerable endowment out of any university worldwide, which allows it to invest heavily in its students.

Application Dates At Stanford University


  • May 26: AI Student Application Deadline
  • June 04: Student application status is posted
  • June 07: Commitment deadline
  • Summer: Course Meetings
  • August 29: AI Student Move in
  • August 30: First Day of AI Classes


  • Student Arrival Date: August 29, Time: TBD
  • AI Dorm Meeting: TBD
  • Classes Begin: on August 30, check with faculty for time)
  • AI Opening Event: TBD
  • Students and AIAs Move to their On-Campus Fall Housing Assignments: September 10, Time: TBD
  • AI Showcase: September 16, afternoon
  • Program Ends: September 17,
  • Stanford University First Day of Classes: September 20,

Application Date For Harvard University

You can apply to Harvard through either our Restrictive Early Action or Regular Decision programs, which both allow you to compare admission and financial aid offers from other schools and delay making a final college decision until May 1.

Restrictive Early Action candidates: apply by November 1 and receive notification by mid-December.
Regular Decision candidates: apply by January 1 and receive notification by the end of March.

Spring (prior to the year you apply)
Begin taking the following tests:

Required: SAT or ACT (with or without writing)
Fall (of the year you apply)
As early in the fall as possible, please submit:

  • Your application to Harvard, via the Common Application or the Coalition Application. This is needed to open your admissions file, track your documents, and set up an interview.
  • The $75 application fee or a fee waiver request. You may send the application supplements at a later date.
  • October 31
    Restrictive Early Action applicants: If you are submitting test scores, we request that you submit them by the end of October. However, you are still eligible to apply using the November series as they should reach us in time for consideration.
  • Early November
    Restrictive Early Action applicants: Last acceptable testing date. If you are applying Regular Decision, we recommend that you submit standardized test scores from the November series or earlier.
  • November 1
    Restrictive Early Action applicants: Deadline for all application materials. Early Action applicants are also permitted to apply at the same time to any public college/university or to foreign universities but are restricted from applying to other private universities’ Early Action programs.
  • Also submit your financial aid application so that if you are admitted, we will be able to send you financial aid information in mid-December when decisions are released.
  • Mid-December
    Restrictive Early Action applicants: Decisions released.
    Last acceptable SAT testing date for Regular Decision consideration.
  • January 1
    Final deadline for all Regular Decision application materials. You must send all application materials by this deadline for Regular Decision consideration.
  • February 1
    Notify the Admissions Office if you have not received your application confirmation email.
  • Submit your financial aid application (if you have not already done so), so that if you are admitted, we will be able to send you financial aid information in late March when decisions are released.
  • Mid-February
    Last ACT testing date for Regular Decision consideration.
    Submit your Midyear School Report forms with your most recent grades.
  • End of March
    First-year admission decisions released.
  • May 3
    Reply deadline for admitted students. No deposit is required.

Contact Details For Standford University

  • Stanford University
  • 450 Jane Stanford Way
  • Stanford, CA 94305–2004
  • Campus operator
  • 650-723-2300

Visit The Official Website Of Standford University For More Information

Contact Details Of Harvard University

  • For other general inquiries,
    call (617) 495-1000 or write to:
  • Harvard University
    Massachusetts Hall
  • Cambridge, MA 02138

Visit The Official Website of Harvard University. For Further Information

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